May 24, 2013

REVIEW: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

“I’m gonna marry her.”
“I’m older. She’s going to marry me.”
Jake stuck out his tongue then brushed the dirt off his pants. “Wanna bet?”
“Yeah!” Travis sneered. “I do. A million dollars!”
“Fine!” Jake spit on his hand and held it out. “Shake on it. Blood oath.”
― Jake and Travis, The Bet

It all started with a bet. A bet when they were children. For the little girl that they both wanted. This book seemed like it would have been a love triangle from the Prologue but it wasn't. It really wasn't.

Travis and Jake Titus grew up with Kacey and Jake had always been her best friend while Travis had been the bane of her existence. They both liked her but only one of them was the right one for her.

Time passed where these three haven't been a part of each other's lives for years but when Jake and Travis' grandmother takes ill it brings them all back together. Some things have changed while others haven't Jake and Kacey are no longer best friends, they haven't spoken for a long time since the 'incident' while Kacey still hates Travis. Kacey had always loved Jake while Travis has secretly pined for Kacey all his life and watched his brother get all her attention.

Jake- I really wanted to like even one thing about him but zilch. Nothing. He couldn't even be a good friend after dragging Kacey there to his family home to portray a farce of a relationship in front of his grandmother and to improve his tarnished reputation inn public. There were times when he'd consider that his actions towards Kacey were wrong that maybe she could be good for him but soon after he'd discard the thought and justify his actions to himself.

Kacey- I really liked her. She was a strong heroine even in the face of having lost her family and having to be around Jake for an entire weekend pretending to be in love with him when she really hated his guts for what he did. Then there was Travis who tortured her since she was little and he was gorgeous now and she didn't know how to deal with that.

Travis- He was a breath of fresh air. Yet another Travis to love. He has loved Kacey his whole life but has always been second fiddle to his brother. It didn't help that she loathed him since they were children. To be fair he did torture her but his reasoning was childish (he was a child) and endearing. 

"He knew for a fact Kacey loved princess stories. She would talk about how girls are supposed to be treated like princesses, and boys are supposed to be princes.
But how was he supposed to be a prince when there were no dragons to slay? How could he prove himself when there were no monsters?

Good thing he was the smartest kid in his class. He knew just what to do. All he had to do was cause the trouble and then save her from it. "
― Travis, The Bet

But now was his chance. She was here and his brother didn't deserve her. This was his chance to tell her how he felt and how he always felt.

"He'd wanted her more than Anything. His entire life. How many people could actually claim that? That for their entire existence, the one person they wanted to share eternity with, had never changed, never faltered. Her. It had always been her . . ." 
― Travis, The Bet

This story was funny and romantic and gave me another book-boyfriend to drool over. I laughed a lot at Kacey and Travis snarky comments and constant bickering. It wasn't what I expected as I said, I thought that it would be somewhat of a love triangle but no there was no question of Jake ever being in the picture. He didn't deserve her nor could he be what she wanted. They weren't right for each other. Travis however, he has always loved her. Even though she hated him, he loved her and he never stopped. 

"Everything I do, everything I've done in my life, it’s all because of you.” 
– Travis, The Bet

I loved their grandmother, sneaky sentimental old gal she was totally doing what her crazy grandson couldn't muster up to. I recommend this book if your looking for a light easy read, I found it totally worth my time and it would be worth yours too!

“Yes, I'll marry you.....Satan."
"Awww, see? We already gave pet names!” 
― Kacey and Travis, The Bet

Travis won the bet and he got the girl ;)
5/5 stars

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