May 21, 2013

REVIEW: One Week Girlfriend (Drew+Fable, #1) by Monica Murphy

“This isn't a game to me, Fable. This is my life. And I want you to be a part of it … I want you and you only. I’m not sharing you with anyone else.” 
― Drew Callahan, One Week Girlfriend

“I always want him. Always. 
It’s always like this between us, too. We come together and we simply…combust. So easily. Beautifully. Does he even know how he affects me? Does he realize how my heart now rests in his hands? I belong to him completely” 
― Fable McGuire, One Week Girlfriend

It's always a great feeling when you pick up a book and can't put it down. It was the immediate effect with this book for me. I loved it from start to finish. These two broken souls giving each other hope and faith that they can be happy. That being any kind of happy for them is possible ― with each other.

The story is told from both the POV of Drew and Fable. Fable is a simple barmaid with a bad unearned reputation and a really messed up family situation  Every cent she works for in her low paying bar job is accounted for to provide for her and her thirteen year old brother Owen. Her parents? She's never know her father and her mother might as well not be there at all because Fable practically handles everything. Her drunken mother can't keep a job or choose the right man.

Drew Callahan on the other hand has it all put together ― or so it seems. Unlike Fable, he's in college because he can more than afford it and he's a star footballer with a bright future ahead of him. So why does he need little ordinary old Fable to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week when he goes home to his parents?

This book is filled with angst and emotions run high throughout. Drew has deep dark secrets that he can't handle and he needs Fable. He barely knows her but he desperately needs her because there's something about her that makes him forget even for a little while.

These two can't understand the connection brewing between them in such a short period of time. Why they seem to need each other. With the two of them having their own dramas to deal with it's easier with each other. Drew's skittish because he doesn't believe she can handle his secrets even though she desperately wants to be there for him.

“There’s no going back,” he whispers … “Once I am inside you, you’re mine.”
“I want to be yours,” I answer in a breathy whisper. “I want to belong to you, Drew. Only you.” 
― Drew and Fable, One Week Girlfriend

I tell you Monica Murphy is one to watch. This book was too good. I read it in no time because I just needed to know where things would end up. This book tugged at my heartstrings and I loved these characters flaws and all. 

I'm really trying to be spoiler free on this review and it's hard but I will say that this is a MUST-READ

(PS- I'm in cover lust over this gorgeous cover! Beautiful right?)

5/5 stars!

Be sure to also check out the sequel 

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew+Fable, #2)

Their story's not over yet.


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