May 25, 2013

REVIEW: Play with Me (With Me in Seattle, #3) by Kristen Proby

"I'm so in love with you, Megan, i can't see straight. You mean more to me than anything. More than my family, more than football. More than anything."
― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

Kristen Proby has done it again. I've been so busy since the year started that it took me a while to get to this book but I liked Will from his first introduction and was totally excited for his story. I was not disappointed. I actually wished it was longer.

 Will Montgomery is Jules brother, one of them, from the second novel "Fight with Me" and Megan McBride is an old friend of Jules and Natalie, from book one, from college. Will is a big time football star. He's gorgeous, talented and super rich and he's also an arrogant ass . . . well that was Megan's first impression.

Megan is a nurse in the cancer ward at a hospital who had been trying repeatedly to get Will's football team to come and see the children at the hospital. She got repeatedly shut down so when she finally sees the man himself on a happenstance she is anything but civil.

Will is naturally confused at her reaction but intrigued with the auburn haired beauty with the rocker chick edge. He's never been affected by a woman in this way before and so he's persistent to pursue it.

This novel was great. It had everything that I look forward to in Kristen Proby's novels since reading "Come Away with Me." It was romantic, steamy as all hell and funny too. I swear I laughed out loud a couple times. This bunch of friends and family were terrifically entertaining.

One thing this novel proves is never judge  a book by its cover . . .
Meg judged Will from the moment she met him and was surprisingly proven wrong by him being anything but the arrogant footballer she expected him to be.

It was a rough start for these two but Will never gave up because he knew Meg was different and even her insecurities couldn't stop her from being with him. Their chemistry was sizzling and couldn't be denied. 

“When I take you, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, what you’re feeling, and I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.” 

― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

There were a couple of humorous moments but the funniest part for me, the scene that made me laugh out loud and cover my mouth with my palm because my family would have probably thought I was cray-cray, was the scene where the boys pick up the girls from Jules' bachelorette party. OMG . . . these women were so funny ― unnerving the guys with all their sex talk. It was hilarious.

“Meg, how do you spell c*ck?”
“I don’t know,” I wrinkle my forehead in thought. All my words are gone. “Shit, I have ‘nesia!”
“Shit,” Brynna replies. “I think you spell it c-*-c-k. But you’re not supposed to spell it, Jules, 
you’re supposed to suck it.”
“Sonofabitch,” Caleb mutters and answers his ringing phone. “Hi Will. I sound like this because 
these drunker than f*ck women won’t stop talking about sex…”
― Meg, Jules, Brynna, Caleb, Play With Me.

Most of the drama to their relationship laid with Meg's insecurity of the her loved ones always leaving her - her deadbeat mother and her foster brother Leo. She had issues with expressing her feelings into words for Will because she felt he'd leave her if she did. But Will understanding her insecurity though not completely knowing the entire story always made her know where he stood in their relationship.

“You are mine, damn it. I will protect you from anyone and anything, do you understand?” His eyes are narrowed, one mine. “I don’t need your permission to make you safe.”
“You are mine, Megan McBride. Don’t ever forget that.” 
― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

I truly loved this book. I think I loved this one the best and that's a tall claim because the previous books in this series were stellar as well. 
Will became my new book-boyfriend. I loved how he wasn't afraid to express his feelings. How much he doted on Meg and didn't blink after saying 'I love you' first when she couldn't say it. He was patient, kind, loving and everything Meg needed in a partner. He did everything to be there for her in every way and damn . . . where's my Will? I know, I think I said the same about Luke in my review for "Come Away with Me" *sheepish smile* but I can't help it.

A truly terrific and well written third installment in an already great series. Leo and Sam's story is next in "Rock with Me" and I'm really looking forward to Caleb and Brynna. That will surely be one hot story!

5/5 stars

It's a MUST- READ!

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