Jul 7, 2013

REVIEW: Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M. Stunich

This book is raw, gritty and doesn't hold back. CM Stunich takes you into the the behind the scenes of the lives of rock-stars Naomi Knox and Turner Campbell. Sex, drugs, rock and roll in a way you've never expected, the dark past of one sexy lead guitarist, one sexy licentious lead singer and what happens when things get Real Ugly.

This is no typical love story. There's no mushy romance and fawning and pining for each other. This novel as I said before is raw and totally blunt. These characters don't mix punches. They're both deeply flawed and their lives are no picnic. Some might be taken aback by the shear indelicacy of their characters, the way they live, but I just loved this book more because of it. 

Naomi, the heroine is hardcore. She's a sexy rock lead guitar god of the band "Amatory Riot." She's not your typical heroine. She's not looking for Mr. Right, hell, not even Mr. Right Now. Her band is what she's about now and she doesn't give a sh*t about much else. Except maybe her utter hate and repulsion for one sexy angelic voiced rock-star oh and did I mention she's got some dark secrets too.

Turner Campbell is the lead singer of the headliner band on tour called "Indecency" and that name perfectly describes who he is. Indecent. He does anything in a skirt (not literally, they don't all wear skirts, but you catch my drift ;)), does drugs and gets sh*t-faced after every set. Typical rock star right? Yep, that was until he got his first look at Naomi. First look? Not according to what Naomi remembers.

“Hey, baby, do I know you from somewhere?” 
“Yeah, last night when I cleaned your puke off my carpet and pulled your d*ck out of my friend.
Hey, next time you decide to screw a drunk chick, make sure she's sober enough to remember her own
name. Can you do that for me, Turner?”

-Naomi & Turner, Real Ugly

And that's all it takes for Turner to decide that he wants her. There's no tenderness in this novel but sexual tension so thick between these two, you could scratch a match and set the place on fire.

"Hot wet heat takes over my mouth and pulls the rest of the inner me out, and then I'm kissing Turner back hard and fast and furious while the world's most intense riffs are just pulled straight through me, cutting me up and bleeding me over the stage."

-Naomi Knox, Real Ugly

Turner doesn't want to want her but he does and finds himself feeling things that he never dreamed he'd feel.

"I'm so zoned into her right now that I didn't even take advantage of the girls waiting outside the door last night. They were all gray-scale while Naomi was in full f*cking technicolor."

-Turner Campbell, Real Ugly

But Naomi doesn't want him, at least that's what she tells herself and anyone else that listens. She convinces herself that she hates him. Hates his guts because of what happened that night all those years ago and because he sets her body on fire. But that's not the only reason she doesn't want to get him close. She's got a dark secret that he and no one else can know and that past has come back to haunt her.

I commend CM Stunich for giving her audience a book that couldn't be put down. This book was a breath of fresh air for me. The characters nothing like your usual hero/heroine. I've noticed this with her other books too. I just flat out enjoyed this book and almost died when I read the end.

That had to be the cruelest cliffhanger ever! I kept looking for the rest of the book and was like "Wait, noooooooooo!!!!!" Like seriously. Mother of all cliffhangers!

I'm really looking forward to the next book. This book was freakin' awesome!

4.5/5 stars


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