Feb 8, 2014

REVIEW: Night Owl (Night Owl, #1) by M. Pierce

Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever ends.” 

Night Owl


Can I straight up just start off by saying this book rocked my socks off and then left me dazed and confused afterwards with the freaking epilogue...talk about WTF moment! I felt like I lost all coherency at that point...my family looked at me like I was sipping the crazy juice!

I was literally left just sitting there wondering what the f*ck had just happened and why life was so cruel that I would have to wait months to find out what was going on! Not cool! *insert pouty face here*

So let's talk about the book and how completely blown away I was by it. It started off good enough; two people unknown to one another and writing a book together online. Sounds cool, different. But then things get complicated when rules are broken. When Matt sees what Hannah looks like; when details about their lives, mainly her life, start coming out because the anonymity wasn't adhered to.

I have to say in the face of Matt's deception, knowing it would all blow up in his face the longer he continued to keep Hannah in the dark, I couldn't resist it. I don't know if this is the right word but there seemed to be something sort of forbidden between Hannah and Matt.

“Why did every small separation still seem to echo a future goodbye?” 

― Night Owl

Soon, it's like a fever in his blood, a desperation, this need for her, their need for each other. I don't think either of them realized how deep they'd gotten till it was too far gone.

“God, Hannah. I’ve been thinking about f*cking you. It’s like there’s something wrong with me. I can’t stop thinking about it. I want my body against yours, my c*ck inside of you. It’s driving me wild. Does that frighten you?” 

― Matt, Night Owl

But then the inevitable happened, Matt's secret got exposed and he fell under the bus when Hannah left him. He wasn't himself anymore and there was this hollowness. More than anything, the emotions in this book was palpable. I couldn't help feeling Like I was right there watching everything unravel, feeling everything along with them. And I'll admit it. This book made me cry. I'd been trying to stay away from books that turn me into a weeping willow but this one crept up on me.

Hannah and Matt eventually made their way back to each other but it wasn't the same. Hannah could feel it but as much as Matt tried to reassure her, nothing was the same. The months of separation had left it's mark.

"Don't you know that I love you? I see under all your lies, and I always find you.” 

― Hannah, Night Owl

“Hannah. I have you. I’m happier than any man has a right to be.” 

― Matt, Night Owl

But he wasn't. I could feel it. He wasn't happy. He was better knowing she was with him but he wasn't happy. Not like he was before everything had blown up.

The epilogue was what made me angry, confused and a weeping mess and did I mention confused beyond all reason? I didn't understand what was going on. I literally sat staring at the end in shock. I didn't understand anything and damn if this wasn't an amazing twist even though I started to feel hollow after what I'd read.

I really must applaud the author. This novel will stay with me because it was special to me. Any book that makes me feel emotions so strongly is a hit always and it was amazingly written. I really cannot wait for the next book. It's just too far away.

A five star read! MUST READ!!!

My favorite line from the book:

“I never want to learn how to say goodbye” 

― M. Pierce, Night Owl


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