Feb 28, 2016

New OTP : Zude!!!

This post is totally not book related and wow...its my first blog post in almost a year.

I just had to post because I have a new ship on TV!

Ships are nothing new #Olicity (Arrow), #CaptainSwan (OUAT), #Delena (TVD) and #MerDer (GA) just to name a few. But this ship is something else...

DISCLAIMER:- So read no further if your not as fan of manXman love...this post is not for you.

So I was browsing through the net the other day and came across this new VH1 scripted drama called 'Hit the Floor.' Usually the premise of this kind of show wouldn't interest me but then I saw a clip from the show with these two guys and needless to say, my interest was piqued...they sizzled...you could feel the chemistry between them burning and well I was caught.

So Zude

Zude is made up of Zero and Jude.

The basketballer and agent.

Jude has been disappointed all his life. Let down and made to feel less. He's seriously messed up by his father Oscar Kincade. He works his ass of to prove to him that he's got it. To gain his father's approval. But nothing is good enough. He's not good enough.

And then we have Zero, the new guy on the team with an agenda. He wants to be the best and he'll play as dirty as he has to to get there. He'll step on everyone in his way. Anyone...but Jude.

One moment changes everything and Zude is born!

I don't want to give everything away but the show is definitely a must watch and not just for this ship.

The combination of Jude's naivety and vulnerability and Zero's protectiveness and possessiveness makes for some steamy scenes on screen. These two sizzle...with just one look! That's all it takes.

The actors Adam Senn (Zero) and Brent Antonello (Jude) bring their all to these characters and its truly believable.

If you have not heard of this show, you have no so have a look! Its great and Zude is DEFINITELY otp!
Hit The Floor airs on Monday nights @ 10pm on VH1.


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