Apr 15, 2017

My First Post of 2017

Well we're in the fourth month of the year and it's my first post on my blog since February 2016 which is a long time.

I didn't abandon reading. I read a lot still and I've been trying to read as much as I possibly can this year since it has been hard fitting in reading as much as I would've liked in the past couple of years.

So this post is just a little update that I will be posting reviews again and I've read some really great books this year so far.

Thus far I've read 21 books of the 100 i plan to read as a part of my goodreads challenge this year.

Also, I've been watching some great shows and I plan to talk about them here when I get particularly excited!

And I'm officially on the Game of Thrones wagon! I finally got the time to watch it and binged all six seasons in a little over two weeks! I'm hooked. So excited for the next season!

Before I go, I just wanted to leave a list of some of the books that I loved that I've read this year so far, not necessarily published in 2017:-

    • History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera (This has been my favorite so far for the year that I've read. It tugged hard at my heartstrings and I was not okay during or after reading this book. It really evoked some strong emotions and I highly recommend it). 
    • Commander-in-Chief by Katy Evans (Sequel to Mr. President by the same. This book was my favorite of the two and I actually finished it today. Katy Evans never ceases to weave a story that keeps you hooked with characters that you fall in love with and her Mr Matthew Hamilton is very close to perfection. Yep! Fell in love with a fictional character).
    • Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher (Tarryn Fisher always amazes me with the stories she tells and I LOVE it!!! Bad Mommy is told in three parts from three different point of views and each leaves you speechless. I don't want to elaborate too much but it's a must-read).
    • Pucked by Helena Hunting (This book as well as it's counterparts in the series have been released a while now but I've only now gotten the chance to weave my way through and I'm loving it. It's laugh-out-loud funny, the characters are as likeable as they are relatable and it's sexy and fun with some angst thrown in making for a very fun read).
Definitely if you haven't read any of these yet, do! They're definitely worth your time!


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